David Franks Jr for Congress.    VOTE : ​BRONX MATTERS

Raised in a Culture of Respect and Perseverance

Acceptance and Unity for Americans of All Backgrounds

I was born to a Hispanic mother and white father. Thanks to the guidance and example of both my parents, it came naturally for me to identify and get along with both cultures. No matter which side of my family I was with, I always immersed myself and enjoyed the food, conversation, and celebration. While there were definitely differences in some traditions and practices, the shared love was the same and consistent all around.

It was important to me that I grew up without ever having lost sight of the morals I learned as a child. Today, I stand before the citizens of The Bronx, New York, with an intention to run in the 2020 primary election, hoping that you will cast your ballot for me. Our colorful and thriving borough is a place where there is harmony in diversity, and I intend to uphold these values when you vote David Franks Jr for Congress!

My Name is David Franks Jr.

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Standing Out, Standing Tall, Standing for You

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